What is Acuro?

Acuro is a cloud-based veterinary medical records application catering to the veterinary acupuncturist. Acuro's iPad application or web-based program allows flexible, mobile, image based acupuncture and related therapeutic record keeping.

How can I get Acuro?

Visit acuro.co, subscribe, create a user ID and password. Once you’ve done that, start using Acuro! If you want to use Acuro on your iPad, visit the iTunes store and download Acuro (you will still need to subscribe at acuro.co)

How do I sign up for Acuro?

Visit our website, acuro.co, and click on the SUBSCRIBE. Enter your practice information, email, and billing information. Create a user ID and password, and you are all set.

Can I try Acuro before I commit?

Acuro comes with a risk free trial. Subscribe and if you decide Acuro is not for you, just email Maureen within the first 30 days of subscription and your initial subscription investment will be refunded. The iPad application purchase ($4.99) is non-refundable.

Can I use another tablet that is not an ipad?

No, currently Acuro App is only available for the iPad. We hope to someday offer Acuro App on other tablet platforms. If we have enough interest from users, we can design an Android based application. In the mean time, you can always use Acuro on the web!

Can I print out my reports from my iPad?

Yes, visit reports can be printed from the Acuro web program.

Can I upload documents to Acuro?

Yes, uploading of other documents for your patient visit is available with the Acuro web program.

Can I link pictures to Acuro?

You can take a picture of your patient using the iPad application and store it in the patient file. Multiple, date-specific picture upload is available.

Do I need wifi or data plan to use Acuro on my iPad?

Yes, currently you will need access to the cloud via wifi or a data plan to use the Acuro App. However, we are planning to introduce new feature to help you work offline in the field when you do not have access to network connection. This feature is slated for release by the end of 2017.

Where is all my Acuro data stored?

Your Acuro data is securely stored on cloud based infrastructure of Amazon Web Services(AWS) in US.

Is my Acuro data secure?

Yes, we at Acuro take data security very seriously. Your data is secure. We use industry standard of 256-bit SSL encryption.

How much does Acuro cost?

Currently we offer an unlimited monthly user plan costly just $30, which is billed automatically to the credit card you provide when you subscribe. The Acuro App is available on the iTunes store for just $4.99.

Will my subscription price ever increase?

Currently no plans to increase but future enhancements may increase costs due to demands on the cloud because of multiple users per account and storage of images, videos, lab reports, correspondence, documents to the patient files.

Do I have to pay for Acuro updates?

No, all updates are provided with the purchase of the app and having an active service plan.

What if I need to cancel Acuro?

We’d be so sorry to see you go, be we understand that everyone’s needs change sometimes! Send us an email and we will cancel your subscription.

Can I get dates and copies of changes made of my data for legal purposes?

None of us ever wants to be involved in a legal situation, but should you ever need to submit your medical records in a legal arena, please contact us and we will provide you with data, included date and time recordings of when data entry and data changes occurred. We may request a fees to extract data depending on the research and effort level required.

Can I suggest changes, modifications, or additions to the Acuro program?

We LOVE user input! Please feel free to contact Dr. Maureen to let her know how we can improve Acuro.